Advanced Cataract Surgery
and Premium IOLs

Vision Choices To Match Your Lifestyle

CATARACT: A Clouding of the Lens of the Eye

CAT005Normal opt

CAT005CatVision opt
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Cross Section of a Lens

Showing the Development of a Cataract

Basic or Advanced Cataract Surgery?


BASIC cataract surgery corrects vision for one distance (usually distant vision). However, glasses or contacts are needed for good near or intermediate vision. The cost of cataract surgery with a basic implant is covered by Medicare and private insurance companies.

Lens-Pencil-GemClip opt

The size of a multifocal lens when seen beside a standard #2 pencil and paper clip

Advanced Lifestyle Choices

PREMIUM IOL CHOICES: Advanced cataract surgery with premium IOL selections can correct vision for a more complete range of good vision including near, intermediate and distant and better night vision. Advanced cataract surgery options let you customize your vision to meet your lifestyle needs. The cost of some advanced selections are not completely covered by Medicare or private insurance.


A technique where an IOL of one power is placed in one eye for distant vision and another IOL of a different power is placed in the other eye to provide near vision.

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal lens implants provide good distance vision but differ from one style to another in their ability to correct either near, intermediate or night vision. To get the best results, patients must first make a careful evaluation of their visual needs before selecting their custom premium IOL solution.

Multifocal IOLs and Lifestyle Choices

Near-Interm Distant Go opt
            Normal Vision       Intermediate Vision                            Distance Vision

Alcon-AcrySof-ReStorIQ-4In Alcon-AcrySof-TorricIQ-4In

Multifocal IOLs like the one above, provide a much greater range of vision from near to intermediate and distant vision.

Toric IOLs effectively eliminate astigmatism and may be a better option for many people.

 Aspheric IOLs provide improved contrast sensitivity for better vision in low light conditions like night driving.