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Forehead frown lines and “crows feet” wrinkles around the eyes are due, in large part, to over activity of facial muscles. Many patients smile, frown, squint, or raise their eyebrows while they are talking or concentrating, often without realizing they are over-activating their facial muscles. Over time, muscle memory can develop. The constant activity and use of the muscles of facial expression of the forehead, brow, and around the eyes can result in deep creases and wrinkles. By putting these over-used muscles at rest, BOTOX® treatments can significantly reduce or eliminate many of these creases and wrinkles.

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What is BOTOX® and how is it used?

It is approved by the FDA and has been used for nearly 20 years for treatment of patients who suffer from spasm of the upper eyelid muscles. By carefully injecting minute amounts of BOTOX® directly into the over active facial muscle, a temporary relaxation of the muscle is achieved. The long history of safety and effectiveness of BOTOX® makes it a very useful adjunct for treatment of facial wrinkles.